RYA courses

RYA courses

Royal Yachting Association aka RYA is a prestigious British organization with long tradition and rich training history.

We will take care of the development of your competencies. We offer an individual plan of development to all our candidates; from Start Yachting to Yachtmaster. Akademia Jachtingu became recognized by RYA in 2013 as one of the first practical training centres in our part of Europe! 

RYA courses

RYA courses

RYA Certificates

RYA traning programme is highly acknowleddged worldwide and its certificates not only serve as a proof of high competencies in recreational sailing but also enable to work in international yachting. 

Many years of experience in training for sailing licences and the British standard. Thanks to this combination Akademia Jachtingu gives the opportunity to fully develop sailing competencies and get Polish licences and RYA certificates at the same time. 

RYA courses

RYA courses

Courses in RYA Training Centre by Akademia Jachtingu

Pracitcal courses:

RYA Start Yachting – RYA two-day course for beginners

RYA Competent Crew – RYA crew member coastal sailing course

RYA Day Skipper – RYA practical day skipper course

RYA Coastal Skipper – RYA practical coastal sailing course

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore – RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore exam preparation


Theoretical courses:

RYA Diesel - course devoted to safe maintenance of diesel engine boat

RYA Radar - course on the use of radar on sailing boats

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Theory – theoretical advanced course at skipper's level

RYA courses

RYA Courses

About practical trainings

RYA Start Yachting – weekend training for beginners

Two-day course in Jastarnia provides a short introduction to sail cruising for novices and basic information on yacht handing. The course is open to everyone, irrespectibe of age or experience. This is a great opportunity for families wanting to spend an active weekend. 

Practical Courses:

  • RYA Competent Crew
  • RYA Day Skipper
  • RYA Coastal Skipper 

Practical courses take the form of 5-day cruises on Delphia 40 yachts. There is a maximum of 5 crew members undergoing the training so everyone can experience the individual approach. And it also allows more time for practicisng and boat handling. 

Each day of the course is filled with intensive practical training: manouvering in port, planning the route and many excercices based on real life situations which skippers can face when sailing i.e. alarms, rules of passage, navigation, emergency situations). During stops there is plenty of time to revise theoretical knowledge or consult the instructor.  

RYA Competent Crew course is a basic training of a qualified crew member completed during a sea passage. Participants learn how to handle yacht and sails, steer and work on deck safely. This course is ideal for those who wish to begin the adventure with offshore sailing. The experience gained at a passage counts for sea time needed for more advanced certificates: both RYA and Polish certificates.

RYA Day Skipper course is a training for those who want to take charge on short day passages under instruction (e.g. in Croatia or Gdansk Bay). RYA Day Skipper is a perfect choice for yachtmen, who are entitled to offshore sailing but lack experience for charters or offshore yacht skipper certficate. 

Not sure which course to choose? Tell us what you expect and we will be happy to advise.